Perma Jack Advantages for Foundation Stabilization Repairs:

  • The Perma Jack System is a patented process that actually forces steel piles all the way down to bedrock or equivalent load bearing strata. Many other systems simply reinforce the foundation by using concrete as a spacer between it and the earth at a slightly lower level.
  • Depending upon existing soil conditions, concrete foundations can continually shift and settle. The Perma Jack System will stabilize your house or building on bedrock or equal load bearing strata. Each pile is individually load tested assuring that there will be no future vertical settlement of your foundation in the areas where the Perma Jack System has been installed.
  • The Perma Jack System is much faster than the older methods of underpinning and stabilizing because there is less excavating. Jobs take on average, one to two weeks to complete. Additionally, when the Perma Jacks are tested, they are immediately locked off in place without waiting for concrete to harden. Hence, repair time is greatly reduced.

Installation Advantages:

Perma Jacks can be installed from either the inside or the outside of your building so there usually is no extensive excavation required, and the system can be installed year round. In most cases, only minimal excavation is necessary. Huge drill rigs and excavation equipment are not needed, so disruption to exterior landscaping is minimized.


1, 2 & 3 are Traditional Methods. 4 is the Perma Jack Method.


Which option do you feel is for you and your commercial or residential property?