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The Perma Jack system is a non-invasive permanent solution for your foundation and addresses all issues. We eliminate the need for future foundation expenses like other methods would. Lift, level, and stabilize your house foundation.


Perma Jack is a division of Valentine Corporation
The only foundation leveling & stabilizing company in the Bay Area to offer the Perma Jack System.

We are a foundation repair contractor providing foundation underpinning, leveling, and stabilization repair services in the San Francisco Bay Area and the East, North, and South Bay Areas, Marin, and the Peninsula since 1964. 
We serve commercial and residential clients in the Bay Area. 

Questions You May Have Are:

What does the average Perma Jack foundation repair job cost?
Do cracks always mean foundation repairs are needed?
When is the best time of year for foundation repairs?
Do foundation repairs require permits?  

Call or email Valentine Perma Jack to answer these and any other questions you may have.

Do you already have an estimate from another company?
We will review it with you to see if we can offer a better price with better long-term solutions. More often then not, we can!

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What is the Perma Jack System?

The Perma Jack System is much faster than the older methods of underpinning and stabilizing which use concrete to stabilize your structure. It provides very little disturbance to the tenant and at a very competitive cost. The Perma Jack System is a patented process that actually forces steel piles all the way down to bedrock or equivalent load bearing strata. Many other systems simply reinforce the foundation by using concrete as a spacer between it and the earth at a slightly lower level.. View More Info...

Strong Customer Relationships Are Our #1 Priority

"They explained everything very well and made it painless."

"He was always willing to go the extra mile to make the job as perfect as possible."

"Now I can enjoy everyday life in my home and no longer worry about our house as a "sinking Titanic".

"The building inspector gave a clear and prompt final approval.  The job site was well maintained and left clean."

"I have been pleased with all phases of this residential foundation stabilization and leveling by the Valentine Corporation."

Sloping floors, sticking doors, and cracking walls are SYMPTOMS.  The underlying PROBLEM is foundation movement or settlement. The most widely recognized way to correct these problems is to underpin and stabilize the foundation using the Perma Jack System.